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"Sylwester Kowalczyk Piano and Grand Piano Repair and Sale" is the full name of the company incorporated in 1985 specializing in renovation and repair of key musical instruments.
In fact the company's business is not limited to restoration of instruments' former splendour, glamour or flawless sound. As one of the few workshops, if not the only one in Kalisz, it makes replicas of pianos and grand pianos at special orders. For this purpose, the workshop was equipped with proper machines and equipment which help us independently make and install a soundboard in an instrument, create a grand piano's body from the scratch, make a new keyboard, etc.

The main advantage of the company that must be mentioned is a long-term experience of its owner, Sylwestra Kowalczyka, who has renovated grand pianos for over 30 years long time before the company was officially established. The idea to found a company providing commercial renovating services was born much longer.

Our offer includes the following items:

- stools and adjustable stools
- renovation of antique furniture
- manual application of French finish to cases
- replacement of soundboards in pianos and grand pianos
- rebuilding old cases into a modern acoustic system
- general overhauls of pianos, grand pianos, harmoniums and harpsichords
- production of new keyboards for pianos, grand pianos and church organs
- production of new pianos and grand pianos on individual orders including replicas of antique cases

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